Thursday, July 7, 2011

Touring down to Long Beach.

Turned into another great day here… starting to sound like a broken record… the forecast for the next 7 days is nothing but sun and about 28 deg. C.  Starting to remind me of being in Desert Hot Springs!

I was up and out the door at 7:00 this morning and found a new spot to fly the planes.  Worked out perfect, and is only about 2 klms. from our park.  The conditions were excellent and got a bunch of good flying in before all the batteries went dead.

Got back to the RV and was all pumped up so I washed the Jeep!  This is without having any coffee! 

We decided around 11:00 this morning that a motorcycle tour was in the cards.   Off we went with Long Beach, down on Lake Erie as our destination.

It turned out a bit overcast today, but it was welcome, as it was real hot!

We stopped on the beach and had our picnic lunch… great spot for it!


It is a “long beach”, and also very sandy…

Took this picture below of a flower just outside our RV in the bush…not perfect, but now bad for a phone!


Will have to keep the blog short tonight, as we are having big problems staying online with poor east coast weather, causing problems with the big birds up in the sky.

Till tomorrow…



  1. Way too much energy going on at your house in the morning. Beautiful place for a picnic.

  2. Nice looking beach. And the flower picture is pretty good too!!

  3. Too much stuff going on in the morning before having a coffee! Nice looking beach!

  4. doesn't sound like you need coffee!!!

  5. Loved pics of the beach & flower... and what a fabulous spot for a picnic!
    Have fun & Travel safe