Monday, July 11, 2011

Ketchup Day!

My blog is still in recovery mode, after I missed posting last Saturday… some days you just run out of gas!

Yesterday, I went into Woodstock on the motorcycle, as I needed to pick up a metric sized little screw that I needed as I lost one on the valve of our fire in a can.  I did find the right screw!

While driving out to the hardware store, I saw a sign indicating that there was a “Free Airshow” out at the Model Airplane Club in the afternoon.  Right up my alley!  Off I went!  You only have to invite me once to something like that. 

They had quite a few people out to catch all the action… it was a beautiful afternoon.



They had some real nice planes out yesterday, and quite a few of them got up in the air!  They make a fair bit of noise, as they are mostly gas powered, unlike mine which are all battery powered.


Check out the John Deere special below…


Lots of planes, and I got a chance to talk “shop” with a few of the owners… very enjoyable.


There even was a helicopter at the show but it never made it in the air while I was there… rats!


Here is a nice low level pass… only had my LG Smartphone one me, so all the pics today are from it… which is not the greatest for action shots.


They had all kinds  and shapes of planes out at the show…


Today things were steaming at 7:00 a.m.  Yikes… I decided to take a ride this morning up to Kitchener/Waterloo area, as I wanted to check out two airplane shops up there… ya never know what you will come across that you need! 

Grand River Hobbies is a great store on Courtland Ave.


This is a serious little Hobby Car parked out front of the store… got to watch the Toronto Indy yesterday on the TV, this thing probably could have won the race after all the big cars crashed!


Made it home by 1:30, and all I did was head to the pool with Judy and Kristina… yup, no baby yet!

Soon though…

Till tomorrow…


  1. My hubby loves the planes. Went to a show in AZ and he ended up buying a flight simulator so he can prepare for the day when I let him get a plane. Just big kids.

  2. Looks like a great time...
    and isn't waiting for babies the hardest thing ever?!?!

  3. I remember attending regular air shows at the small airport west of Woodstock years ago. Don't know if they still have them but might be worth asking around about. I remember the flying club there always put on a big breakfast in the morning. No jets but they had a team of Harvards flying the last time I was there back in the late 70's. I think the annual show was in the summer some time.

  4. Some of those model airplanes look pretty darned big to me! Perfect place to spend a morning.