Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It only took me a year… what’s the problem???

It had to be about a year ago, when Judy was still working at the prison, and I was putting in the summer in Gravenhurst, when Judy asked if I could get a set of halogen lights and install them on her Suzuki Burgman.  No problem I said…  I did go and and purchase the lights, and kind of tucked them away somewhere… out of sight, out of mind!

Well, I never did install them, even after repeated requests from Judy… always seemed to busy!

Well, today I had this job on my mind and at 9:30 I got right at it!  It was supposed to rain here today but I knew it was going to be hot, so I thought I would do it under the RV canopy in case it did rain.  Of course, it never rained at all today, but it was real hot and sticky again! 

I installed two lights, down low, on either side of the front tire.  These lights are very easily spotted by on coming traffic and increase the awareness of the motorcycle.  In the picture below, the light is actually turned off!


In this next picture, the lights are on.  I tied them into the low beams of the motorcycle.   Took about 2 hours and a bit to finish it up.  Now I will have to find another job that I can ignore for a year or so…


The other day in his blog, Al from TRAVEL WITH THE BAYFIELD BUNCH)) highlighted the fact that a blog owner can go in and look at all his or her blog statistics under the administration functions.  I had looked at mine in the past, but it was a long time ago.  I decided to take another look this morning, and was surprised to find a few different things.  I did not know for instance that someone from Iran is reading my blog!  Go figure!  Nobody I know.  The info also gives you the number of readers who are referred to you from another blog.  The number one blog referring to mine is Al, from TRAVEL WITH THE BAYFIELD BUNCH)) again.  Thanks Al!  Number 2 is Rick from Rick & Paulette's RV Travels.  I thought it was funny, as we met both Al and Rick down in California this past winter!  Number 3 blog referrer for my blog, was RV-Adventure of Margie and Roger which took me a little by surprise!  

When I first started the blog a couple of years ago now, I used to get all hung up on numbers as you watch them grow… not so much anymore.  I will never have the most read blog in bloggerville, but that is alright.  I enjoy doing it, and if I only had two or three faithful readers, I would still do the blog each night.  How long I will keep doing it will have to remain to be seen…

Recently I had a lot of comments about our new furniture in the RV… one comment asked if we sleep in the cab-over bunk at the front.  The answer is to… the cab-over area is reserved for aircraft parking only… all others will be towed!

As our rig is 36 feet long, we have a lovely bedroom in the back of the rig with all kinds of cabinets to store cloths and anything else in. 

Oh yes, what else surprised me, was more page views of my blog are from Americans, than Canadians!  Again – go figure! 

I have 71 current blog followers, which I think is great, but then Rick was telling every one the other night on his blog that he was going to hit 250 followers!   However, Paulette, Rick’s wife has a quilting blog that has well over 750 blog followers!  You just never know what interest people have. 

I saw on the TV New tonight, that Facebook is going to let you hook up right away to your friends on skype… one push of the button!   Maybe Blogger could make a deal with Skype!  Why not!

Well, that is enough for tonight… must have water on my brain from spending the afternoon down at our pool!  It was great!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Great job on the lights and like the saying goes - better late than never.

  2. I think those running lights on a bike are sooooooo important, I had several close calls & one bad accident resulting from people turning in front of me on my first two bikes. When I got the Honda Shadow I made sure it had a full set of running lights on the front end. Have not had one single close call with people turning in front of me ever since. Thanks for the plug biker guy:))

  3. well from one Canadian to another!..thanks for being out there in blogville!!!..some days the blogs are the only bright spot!!!

  4. Only took a year to get Judy's work request done? You're fast, I hope Paulette doesn't hear about that!

    You're right about not getting hung up on numbers with your blog. I'm now wishing I'd never mentioned it at all as I rarely do ever look at them.

  5. Lights look great and definately like a safety feature... Glad your hear in blogland since I do enjoy reading your post!
    have fun & Travel safe

  6. Ah, you guys need to give away prison tours or rides on your bike to increase your followers. When I first started reading your blog I thought your references to Judy going to the prison was commentary on her job, not that she really went to a real prison. (written from my cell, which is commentary on my job)