Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ride, Baby Ride!

Just another fantastic day here in Ontario… how many of these can we stand!  Well up into the 30’s again today… just great if you own an a/c unit as the humidity is very high!

We decided to go for a bike ride this morning, as the kids were off to visit Chris’s Family to show off the Baby.

We headed out highway #2, and soon found ourselves in Paris!  No, not Paris, France… Paris, Ontario!  A great little Town.  We carried on a bit first, up into Brantford, the home Town of Wayne Gretzky.  We stopped at a great Tourist Info spot there, and got all kinds of local tourist info for future reference.  

Below is a newer sports complex just finished, and named for Wayne Gretzky of course!  They were playing summer hockey here today… bet the ice was a bit soft!


After we finished at Wayne’s home Town, we headed back to explore Paris.   It is built right on the River and is a quaint little Town.  We found parking right on the main street, and were hungry as it was lunch time, so we found a great spot called the “2 Rivers Restaurant”.


It was fairly busy downtown today in Paris… lots of tourist seemed to be hanging around…


The 2 Rivers Restaurant has a balcony right on the river… although the river is only about 2 feet deep at it’s deepest spot! 


This is the main car bridge coming into Paris, and it is under full re-construction this summer.


You could rent a canoe, and just fly down the river on a one way trip!  Not sure where you finished up…


Here I am, playing the tourist, and pretending to read the menu… we had a great table right on the water.



This next picture is a bit weird.   It is an open area on the main street, open to the river behind the buildings, but has a fountain around that ball, and seats to sit and look at the river…


On the way home, we stopped by the park where I lost my plane, and here I am looking to see if it is still up in the trees…


and “yes”, it was still there… if you look dead centre in the below picture, you will see part of the wing, it is white… this is a zoomed in picture, I think the plane is about 100 feet up!  Seems very stuck as well, as it has not moved much in 3 days…


We made it back home to find our wonderful pool and took life easy this afternoon.  Caught a bit of the Canadian Open being played out in Vancouver!

Till tomorrow…


  1. It's lovely! I am always so excited to see Canada when I see pictures on your blog. =]

  2. Nice little trip down memory lane for me there in Paris. In my AA days I attended several retreats near there at a place called 7 Oaks. Lots & lots of places to see here in Southern Ontario & what a great way for you to see them. Great biking weather day after day after day.

  3. What a great ride. Nothing like a table by the river - no matter how deep the water is! I like the looks of that Paris, even if it isn't in France.

  4. Paris, France or Paris, Ontario?..looks like you both had a fabulous day!..sorry to hear that your plane is stuck in the tree!!

  5. Paris is a great town.....its where I lived as a wee lad.....
    Just a good are you at casting......put a heavy sinker on a line and cast it into the limbs near the plane ....the sinker will tangle in the branches and you may be able to shake the plane loose....failing that get Patra to climb the tree and call the Fire Department to retrieve her and the plane.

  6. Looks like you guys really enjoyed a beautiful day... Nice being able to sit on the rivers edge and enjoy lunch!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  7. How'd you get over to Paris?

    You're riverside lunch table looked really nice.

    I'm surprised that your plane is still in the tree. Maybe you should post a sign on the tree with your phone number in case anyone rescues it?

  8. I can't believe you didn't climb the tree to save your plane. Tee Hee. I want to sit by the river and have lunch. That was so beautiful.

  9. Do you have a chain saw? Might be the only solution (in the dark of night) to get your plane down. Good luck with that.