Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Never, ever, give up!

After Rescue Mission #3 failed, we had to drag our butts back to to the RV with the sour taste of defeat suck in the back of our throats…

Last night however, I received an enlightening text message on our Smart Phone, from by big brother Richard, up in Orillia. (Another faithfull RVlifeonwheels Blog reader!)

His suggestion in the text, was to buy a 1/4 inch nylon rope, around 100 feet, and some kind of weight or hook on the end.  Throw it up in the tree, and try to snag the branch it is on, and shake it down!  

You cannot see the plane in this first pic, however it is up on the very, very top, in the centre of the picture.


One thing I have always done in life, is do as my Big Brother suggests.  If you recall the pictures I posted of my previous motorcycles, when I was young, many times I either blew my engine… wrecked this or that part, always to be rescued by my brother Richard who would work tirelessly and put it back together again for me!  So, off Judy and I went to Canadian Tire in search of parts. 

Rope:  $5.59

Hook:  $2,59

Rescued Airplane:  Priceless!

Here I am below, working out of the back of the Jeep, putting my hook on the end of the nylon rope…


Here I am below, playing cowboy, and twirling the rope trying to throw it up… it took me quite a few tries to find the proper “range”…


After about 10 throws, I finally did hook the branch that the plane was caught on!  I started to yank on that branch to try and shake it free!


Well, I shook and shook, and then something weird happens… this guy happens along on a bicycle, probably about the same age as me, and stops, never says a word, looks at me and then at Judy, and then the stuck plane, and just starts at the tree trying to climb it!  This tree is not a very good tree for climbing to begin with, and we discounted that way of rescue… this guy gets about 15 feet up, and can’t really go any further, so Judy and I ask him to please vacate our tree, as we don’t want him to hurt himself over my airplane!  He decides, this is the thing to do so he gets back down, thankfully! 

I throw the rope up, and hook right on the branch the plane is on… yes!  I pull and pull, and the plane comes free, only to get hooked on the tree beside it!  Shasbott!!!!!!!!!

I throw the line up again, and manage to hook this second branch on the other tree!  I do!  Finally, much to our reader’s delight, the plane glides out of the tree!

The pic below is after it got hung up on the second branch!


The plane actually glided to the ground and landed in the edge of the bush… here I am picking it up below from the bush!   I say to Judy, “Wow, there is not even too much damage that I can see!”

Judy says, “Heck, you’ve smashed it up a lot worse than that and got it flying again!”… I said, “Thanks for that”…


Here I am below, rope still in the tree, plane in hand!  (Why is it everywhere you go in Canada, there is always an empty Tim Horton’s cup on the ground, right behind you??)


While the plane did receive a bit of damage, it will be easily fixed.  Seems the battery might be the only casualty, as it was drained to zero volts, and they don’t like that… might need to be replaced! 

In the picture below, you can see the actual hook that I tied to the end of the rope!  Thanks again Richard for the idea!

It is nice to have the plane back, as the electronics that run everything inside it are worth all the money… a little over $200.00 worth, so this is good!  Aside from that, it was a good battle that led to “victory”!   Priceless!


Thanks to all our readers for suggestions to rescue the plane over the past few days!  It is good to have it back in the hanger, and all it really means, is now I have to find something else to blog about!

Never, ever give up!

Till tomorrow…


  1. glad you never gave up!!..success!!!..yippee!!!

  2. Oh happy day. Take the plane and Judy out for a celebration tonight.

  3. Hip Hip Hooray!!!! So glad for you and you didn't need the Fire Department!!!! lol

  4. Was the pilot still ok

  5. Don't you just love it when a plan works? Now, how do you get the rope down.

  6. Congrats! That was a great idea your brother had - shows what dummies all of us are!!

  7. Whoo - hoo! It was fun riding along with you to the rescue.


  9. Love yor blogs...always so entertaining. See you at the reunion

  10. very nice. Glad to see you got the plane back to the hanger.