Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How smart is a smart phone???

If you recall back to yesterday, I was having major problems with our Hughes Net Satellite Internet System.  No Power!  Not a good thing.  This morning I was on the phone to Tech Mobile, which is a small Company that I bought our system from 2 years ago now.  They technician was busy, as he was on holidays last week and was way behind in calls, was unavailable to me until tomorrow I was told… bummer!   I wanted internet NOW!!!


Idea hits!  Light bulb

Why not use the smart phone, and surf the web and see if any one else has had a similar problem with their system????   Sure enough!  I found some info from a discussion group real quick, and a guy had the same problem as me… he indicated that his transmission wire had a dead short in it, and the system would simply not power up with the short!  I thought “ahaaaa”… maybe this is my problem.  I was having difficulty with one of my wires from the dish, so I swapped it out for another lower quality wire I had, and low and behold the system sprung back to life! 

Thank You LG … your smart phone is smart!

I got the internet up and running just in time to “hang out” with Rick from Rick & Paulette's RV Travels on Google +, which is a new social networking program trying to take over from Facebook!  If you have not heard of it yet, you can Google It!  It is just being tested right now, but will soon open up to everyone soon I am sure.  I had a small problem with uplink time during our video conference, but that will be fixed with a better wire.  Good talking to you today Rick, and it was nice to see Paulette passing by!

So, how hot was it here in Ontario today????


Yup, it got to at least 38 degrees C. here, and the weather people tell us today was the coolest day of the week! 

I made sure to call Mom up in Orillia today, to make sure she was inside her apartment with the air conditioning turned on!  She was and it was!

When I was talking to Rick from out west, he said the summer out there was non existent!  Cool and wet was the main theme.  Not here.  Judy and I cannot remember a summer as warm as this one has been.  One thing to keep in account is the fact we are further south this year in Ontario than we normally are, so that might have a bit to do with it!

They are still trying to locate a new air conditioning fan for our Jeep, and told us probably tomorrow… so we will see.

Made a trip into Woodstock today on the motorcycle, but it was too warm for much of that, and quickly returned home, where Judy and I spent the afternoon at the pool!  It was great.


Gwenny had her Mom and Dad so busy going to the Dr. today and other stuff, we did not even see them today!

Till tomorrow…


  1. After I talked to you today, guess what? The sun came out and we had our best day in a while! Must have been your good vibes!! Thanks for the sunshine.

  2. I think we should move to Vancouver Island!..no sun here on the coast..just a little blurp and then it was gone again!..I think we missed summer!!..glad to hear that you and Judy are having some great weather!!!..at least someone is!!