Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A drive down memory lane…

Last night Judy was flipping through a bunch of digital pictures on her computer trying to find baby pictures so she could compare Gwenny against Kristina when they were newborns… cool idea, and they do look the same!  What got my interest was looking at the screen and seeing a picture of one of my old cars… wow… instant memory flash!

I took a look through the whole folder and found a few of my old cars… check them out!

No particular order here…

One of my favourites to drive was this 1993 (I think) Ford Thunderbird.  We lived in Sudbury at the time, and bought this brand new.  We owned it for 12 months and it had 13 major problems during that time, so off it went! We are picking it up at the dealership here…


This was Judy’s car during the 80’s… it is an Oldsmobile, just cannot remember the model… it was standard shift, and not a bad car… parked outside our house in Alliston.  Remember, I was a Banker, we got around!


By far my most favourite car of them all!   I bought this around 1971 or 72, and it is a 1966 Ford Mustang.  I only owned it for a couple years, and might have driven it a bit hard… OK, maybe real hard at times… but it was a lot of fun and looked cool!   I think I got $200 for it when I traded it in… had I only known!!!!!!!!  Check out the hippy standing in front of the Mustang…Oh, wait, that’s me!


This was another real fun car to drive, I think it is 1984 or 85, Chev Camaro.  5 speed shifter in this baby with a great sound system in it.  Both our kids were real small and all the neighbours gave me a bunch of grief about this being our “Family Car”… bought it brand new.


Judy bought this Suzuki Side Kick brand new in the 90’s… great little buggy… she later traded it in for a new 4 door model!  Ya, I know, we are out on the lake, in Sudbury they freeze solid!!!!


Now check out these two fine cars parked in front of the 1st home we ever bought, which was in Orillia.  That is a 1975 Chev Malibu up front that we bought brand new for $4,000.00.   Kept it for 12 years!  Great car.  That is about a 1970 or so VW parked behind… what a beast!  Just a second car at the time.  It ran.  The VW’s had no heat what so ever in them, and I remember being pulled over by the Police for having frosted windows in the front, but the Officer knew me from the Bank so he let me go!


Below is my 1972 Datsun 1200 Fastback!  I traded in my 1966 Mustang on this… still wish I had that Mustang!  That little Datsun was fun!  Went like stink!  They would only sell you one if you had long hair!


Here is another view of that 75 Malibu, and I have a little helper here… Dr. Shawn.  Looks like the cat was trying to escape. 


In the 1990’s, we bought 4 different Pontiac Sunfire’s.  This is one of them, at Meat Cove, up on Cape Breton.  We bought all the Sunfire’s new, the Dealership loved us! 


Check out the 1993 Jeep Cherokee below, I bought it used, with 240,000 Klms on it, and used it for over 100,000 more!   What a Jeep!


This is one of Judy’s Sunfire’s below… nice black one and Judy loved the standard shift!


Judy drove this brand new Chevette, she called it her “Vette”.  It was a good one…


I think that is a 1977 Dodge Dart that Shawn is in front of in Mount Forest… all the Neighbours called it Judy’s “Dodge Dart Trans Am” at the time.  It was bullet proof.


Below is another VW we owned, while living in Hanover.  This one, I actually did the green paint job on… not bad… eh!  The Dr. is looking a little young here.  The Dr. called this car “Fe Fe”.


These are only a few of the cars we had over the years… don’t know if I have pictures of the rest or not!

Boiling hot here today, and the kids just arrived to have a swim in the pool!  Perfect!

Till tomorrow…


  1. great trip down your 'auto memory lane'!!

  2. I remember that Datsun with the "bumble bee" exhaust. We were going 100 miles per hour and were too dumb to be scared. That is MPH and you could hardly hear in it. Youth is wasted on the young who do not know better.


  3. You got me beat. I'm on my 4th car. All of them used. For 10 years I did have a company car. I think my wife is on car #4 too.

  4. Such fun. Cars really have never meant much to me - I just want them to run. But my hubby is so into cars. When he met me I was driving a Pacer. (remember those?) Needless to say, I had to get a different car before he'd marry me. LOL

  5. Reading your blog and seeing the pictures of all your cars it seemed like a lot. Then I started adding up the vehicles we've owned and it's pretty amazing. Not as many as you for sure, but way more than I ever would have guessed.

    You would have made a good hippie from the looks of you way back!!

  6. We had many cars and trucks to date but my all time favourite was a 1964 Volkswagen Beetle. I used it for two years while in university and I snowmobiled with it too. It was cheap to run, started and ran every time the key turned and in the winter, I always wore a skidoo suit cause - like yours - I had little heat because the gas heater would never work. Great memories though. I must have logged well over 80,000 miles with that 'bug'.

  7. Yep, sure remember those little ice box Bugs with no heaters alright. Had a bunch of them over the years. I did a similar post to yours about 3 years ago with a long list of vehicles. Can't remember how many now but I think there were around 40. Of course back in those days there were no safety standards & stuff so lots of old clunkers could be bought & sold for a hundred bucks. Never did have a new car until 1973 (Mazda 808) & have never had a new one since. Didn't have a Camaro but did have an 84 Pontiac Firebird. Ford really 'trashed' the Thunderbirds back in those years you had yours. Too bad because I've always really liked those older early 60's Cigar shaped Birds. Always fun for a feller to take a trip down Memory Lane in the old Automotive Department.