Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A blister of a day in Ontario…

We are right into the good stuff now, as it was real warm in our area today.

Judy was off early again this morning to help out Kristina at the Vacation Bible Camp, so it was my job to sleep in, and I did a great Job!

Later this morning, I took my faithful 750 Honda Shadow out for a great 1 1/2 hour ride around the Woodstock area, checking out all the unusual roads in this area… what a day for a ride!

Judy and Kristina came out at lunch time to the RV and convinced me I needed to go shopping with them this afternoon.   We started out by have a real nice lunch at her favourite restaurant, “Dean Michaels” just south of Woodstock…


The restaurant is an old converted furniture factory… they did a great job as it is real nice inside, along with great food and service!

We travelled to a small Town called “Norwich” just 25 clicks south of Woodstock and picked up all kinds of bargooons…

It was back home, picking up Chris along the way and heading out to the pool at our Park as it was real hot this afternoon.

Judy is recovering well from a very sore throat, and Kristina is about 11 days away from due date, and no sign of wanting to go in early yet!

Have to give a big RVlifeonwheels welcome to our most recent blog follower, Lady Dyna Ryder… planning on going RV in retirement at around 2015. Welcome to RVlifeonwheels!

Great day overall!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Tell Kristina that people born on the 19th are really wonderful to have around. Just thought I'd throw that in. Since it's hot, she's probably more than ready. Glad Judy is feeling better.

  2. Gotta love those shopping bargoons!!

  3. shopping with the girls..and lunch out!..sounds good to me!!..hope it is cooler today for you!