Friday, July 1, 2011


Hope everyone had a great Canada Day – we sure did!

Took life easy this morning around the RV, and ended up going into Woodstock for a drive on the motorcycles and to visit the kids… weather was perfect… all day!

David and Diane Broad, (Chris’ parents) invited us out to the Sailing Club on Lake Pittock to enjoy the Canada Day Celebrations!  We had a blast. 

The sailing club is a nice spot, with about 20 various size sailboats, and a bunch of kyacks.


David and Diane have a nice sailboat, but had to get it in the water first!


Finally in the water of Lake Pittock below… this is a man made lake, on the Thames River.


Chris was checking out all the boats on the dock…


David made a few runs with the boat, taking everyone for a ride… it was a nice day for sailing, with a moderate wind.


There was 10 of us in our Canada Day Party, with lots of shade, and a great view of the lake.


Judy sailed out with David and Chris, and got an action shot…


Judy and Diane took off in the kayak… Diane just retired after a career of teaching, yesterday!


Popular method of transportation today, as Chris’ sister, Kathleen and friend Shane enjoy…


Kristina and baby were starting to run out of gas after 6 great hours on the lake… we enjoyed a great pig roast the members put on!  No lack of great food!



Overall a great day.  Our Son, Shawn, along with Jenn and the kids, were in Ottawa with 300,000 other people trying to get a glimpse of Kate and William… don’t know the results yet!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Happy Canada Day to you and your family! Looks like you had a great one! The sailboat looked like fun.

    One question - where do you start when you begin to eat a whole pig?

  2. Gotta love this great southwestern Ontario weather alright:))

  3. what a great Canada day!!..and a happy day filled with family too!!

  4. I had a Canadian penny in my pocket today. Hope you and all of Canada had a great day today.