Friday, July 22, 2011

Hey, it’s Friday!

When I used to work at the good old Bank, I used to get all excited about Fridays!  We always worked till 6 at night, but that was alright, it was the weekend!  It was time to cut loose…

Now, I find I don’t get too excited anymore… seems every day could be Friday!  

Judy stayed with the kids last night in Town, and was private caretaker for Gwenny.  She stayed until lunch time today, when I joined them.  Chris’ Mom, Diane came and spent the afternoon.  Why is there so much work over 1 itsy bitsy baby???  It seems they should be so easy to take care of, but they are a major load of work!  Diapers, feedings, changing cloths, house work, it seems endless! 

Judy spent the afternoon relaxing at the RV, while I enjoyed a ride over to London to visit a Hobby Shop.

It is official, Gwenny’s birth announcement made it into the Woodstock Newspaper today!  Hope you can read it, it is a picture from the paper.


Kristina too the picture below, and had these birth announcements made up at a Photo-Machine.  Only .29 cents each!  These will go out to Family and Friends.


I was holding Gwen for a while over lunch today, and snapped this photo of a sleeping beauty with my smart phone… she is doing very well, eating real good, sleeping lots, and doing other things that babies do!


So I might have forgot to mention that a couple days ago I went out flying my Super Cub, and decided to go to a park in Woodstock.  It was early, 7:30 in the morning, and when I took off, I had to climb and head out over the park… seemed easy, problem was, some wind came up when I got above tree level, and a little bit of pilot error, and before I knew it, my plane flew into the top of a big, big, tree.  It hung up there, and is still up there.  I estimate about 100 feet up anyways!  Not a small tree… It has taken two days for me to build up the courage to type about it… Sad smile

I am hoping a big wind will come along and blow it down, but there was some wind yesterday, and it stayed up!  Might need a big wind!   

Well, that about it for today, still real hot here!  Will be all weekend! 

I would like to send out a big welcome to “Wild Blue Yonder” out latest blog follower!

Till tomorrow…


  1. I love those birth announcements... and how awesome that they were such a decent price!

  2. She is beautiful!!! Cute announcements...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. nice birth announcements! thrifty!!!

  4. How dare that big tree jump out in front of your flight path and snare your plane!!

    The fire department gets cats out of trees, what about airplanes?

    Gwenny is looking better every day - cute birth announcements and a great price too.

  5. Ya needa one armed bandit ta climb tat der tree and get yer toy fer yer der Mav cause I be mabervlous