Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July to our American Friends…

The weather has been simply great here lately, and I seem to have forgotten about all that rain that fell in the spring.  Nice to have great weather to help the celebrations for the Americans and the Canadians.

Judy went into Woodstock early at 7:30 this morning to help Kristina with the registration at the Vacation Bible School that her Church puts on.  It was busy with 95 kids showing up… it was busy, but they report lots of fun!

I decided it was time for a “road trip”… so I got my act together, and fired up all the cylinders on Honda, (yup, both of them…) and headed over to Grand Bend, located on Ontario’s West Coast… Lake Huron! 


Number one reason for wanting to make the trip today, was that it simply was a fantastic day for a Motorcycle ride!  Secondly, I wanted to check out the Grand Bend Motorsport Park, as this Friday I will be drag racing at the park in specially prepared Mustangs! Can’t wait… here is the grand stand of the drag strip from the outside…


I managed to sneak this picture of the starting line and burn out area…


They also have a 1/2 mile paved oval race track just up from the drag racing area.  Now I know where I have to be on Friday, and the weather looks great!  I was supposed to do this last year in October, but it got rained out.  This is a Birthday/Christmas Present from Shawn and Jenn and the kids, and Judy.  I will spend the entire day at the track, and they have full instruction, with lunch and lots of racing!


I left the track area, and decided to head down to the beach as it was such a nice day… they have a great beach right on Lake Huron!  In the late 1970’s, Judy and I lived in Port Elgin, and it was also on Lake Huron, and we loved it!


You know it is nice, when the water and the sky are almost the same colour below…


Grand Bend is a big summer type Town, with lots of students coming to blow off some steam… they also have a big marina at the end of the beach…


I got the wheels parked on the main street, and walked down to the beach.


They have spent quite a bit of money on the main street, making it all fancy for the tourist… all the pictures today were taken with my LG smart phone…(Life is Good)


Lots of people were taking advantage of the beach area…


Below you see a nice “blue flag”, and now you know the name of the beach…


So, I get to do it all again on Friday, only with a lot more noise!

Judy ended up in the Baby’s Room getting things sorted out with Kristina and took a couple of pictures…

Kristina is starting to look like it might be time soon… the sheep below looks all ready!


Lots of work went into Baby’s Room… every surface had to be done over! Turned out real nice!


Everything is all set for the little one… July 16 is the due date… who knows… only the baby does!

Had a real nice skype conference call with Shawn, Paige, and Emmie tonight from Ottawa.  Shawn started his first day of work at the Ottawa Hospital 100_0489today, orientation for 3 days.  Jenn is off in Mississauga with training for her new job… a busy family for sure!

A big welcome to Stephanie, our latest blog follower, all the way from the “Land Down Under”.

It appears that my “hit counter” has stopped working on the right hand side of the blog… bummer!   Any ideas on how to fix it Rick????

Phew… that is it for tonight!

Till tomorrow…


  1. nice pictures just from your phone!!!...looks like you had a lovely Monday!!

  2. That beach looks great.

    The baby room seems to be all ready for its new occupant. July 16th is not that far away.

  3. Jim got to drive a stock car in 2009 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. He still gets a silly grin on his face when he talks about it. He used to drag race when he was younger so if we were anywhere close, he'd be joining you. Have a great time.

  4. Wow! I can't believe how quickly you noticed that I'd joined your followers. So much for being discrete... ;-)

    Glad to see you're all doing well. Can't believe the baby will be here so soon. Everyone must be so excited. You all did a great job on the baby's room! Can't believe that's the same room.

    Take care. x

  5. Nice pics using your smartphone! Sure looks like a nice summer spot.

    Looks like you're all set for a fun day this Friday at the drag races.

    Your counter seems to be possessed by a perfume ad. All you can really do here is to remove it and re-install the gadget.

    If it's sitemeter you are using you should be able to sign into their site and maybe even get your hit numbers to set it up again.

    Otherwise, just pick an approximate number - like maybe 1,534,989 hits!!