Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life of a Princess!

This morning I had to do some RV work, to keep our mobile life going… a fresh load of propane, and a full tank of diesel will do that for you.  We are planning a road trip early in August, so we have to be ready!

Thanks to all our readers for leaving comments and sending emails extending best wishes on the birth of Gwendolyn Jean.  It is appreciated!

Little Gwendolyn is doing just fine, thanks for asking!  Judy headed in this morning and spent the day, as she had to bring a few things into Kristina. I joined the party at 2:00 this afternoon. 

Here Kristina is wrapping the baby to keep her nice and warm.


Chris spent the night with Kristina and Gwendolyn, but only got about 1 hour of sleep… it kind of showed by this afternoon! 


Little Gwendolyn is a sweetie, and is very, very quiet. 


Gwendolyn even has her own nurse to provide the 1st. bath!


Very proud Mom and Dad.


Just a great second day in the life of Gwendolyn.  She is now catching onto the feeding process, and will be growing like a weed very soon.  Must enjoy her now while she is small!

Till tomorrow…


  1. I really love babies. Always have. She is just a doll. Makes me yearn for grandkids which won't happen for a few years yet. So I enjoy Jim's when I get a chance.

  2. Little Gwendolyn is a reakky beautiful baby... Glad you're preparing the MH for travel and will soon be enjoying the open road!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. Hi John & Judy...
    Amy has shared your blog with me so that I could see the photos and keep updated. I'm so thrilled for all of you! Kristina - you're glowing even more! Gwendolyn is so perfect. Amy will deliver hugs from me next month.
    Congratulations again!
    Roxanne Lambe

  4. this is great stuff,I'm very happy for you Gramps(Mabevolus)Maverick and Granny Eagle. Your favorite reptile

  5. Gwendolyn's a doll!! Great family picture of Mom, Dad and baby in the hospital bed too - that's a keeper!

    Give our best to the new parents!

  6. Thank you so much for the updates John! It's wonderful to be able to see so many pictures and so many smiles. I'm beyond thrilled for your whole family and can't wait to get out there! Sounds like we might be sharing a campground mid-August. See you all, but not soon enough!

    Love from Edmonton,


  7. what a lovely little family!..enjoy ..they grow up fast!!

  8. What a little doll. Enjoy every minute that you can - they pass all too quickly.