Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gwennie makes it home!

A very beautiful and busy day here in Woodstock.  Of course the big buzz around here is the recent birth of Gwendolyn Jean… and today she got to go home!   Little Gwennie has dominated the blog since birth, and that continues today!  Blog hits are over the top as Family, friends, and bloggers “read all about it”!

This has been Gwennie’s home for the past 2 days… this Hospital is about to be replaced, as they have already built a huge new Hospital on the other side of Town that will be opening in November… Gwennie did not want to wait that long!


When Judy and I arrived this morning to help them home, Gwennie was all wrapped up and ready to roll!


We all soon realized that a rookie mistake was made, as she has to ride in her child car seat, and wear her 5 point harness… here she is getting loaded.


Aughhhh… here come Mom and Grannie now, with Mom providing the regal wave.


We could have had a marching band playing outside the Hospital, and she would not have stirred for a minute!  This kid is super calm, and loves to sleep!


A very proud Mom and Dad arrive home with Gwennie.


When Gwennie arrived home, she was welcomed by a nice flower arrangement sent by her Great Grand Mother Hollinger.


We got her up to her new bedroom, and I wanted to break out some of her toys and play a bit with her, but she seemed only interested in sleeping!  Bummer!


One very happy Mom below… this pic just says it all!


Little Gwennie is now feeding great, every 2 hours, as she tries to pick up a little bit of weight she lost since birth.  She is not one to cry, as we spent most of the afternoon at the house with them, and Gwennie never cried… of course, it helps if you are awake when you cry!

As you can tell, yes, we are enjoying little Gwendolyn!

Till tomorrow…


  1. What an exciting day! I'll bet you just wanted to break out the toys - enjoy this as it won't be that long before Gwennie is crawling all over the place.

    Happiest looking Mom I've seen in a long time.

  2. Don't worry - she'll soon be playing with all the toys grandma and grandpa can provide. You'll have extra fun at Christmas this year.

  3. Too precious! The look on Kristina's face really does say it all. Gwendolyn is an unbelievably lucky little girl to have such a wonderful family...starting to count the days...30!