Sunday, July 24, 2011

A nice easy Sunday…

We took life easy today… starting off this morning with some rain overnight to help cool things off… it didn’t work!

We watch the Movie “Hereafter” on blue ray this morning.  It was good, staring Matt Damon.

This afternoon we headed in to Woodstock and spent the afternoon with the kids… and watching the Canadian Open final round…  It is nice being retired, I was able to watch a four rounds this year.

Chris and I launched Rescue Mission #1 this afternoon to try and rescue my airplane…

A friend of mine, Bob, made a comment saying we should use a fishing rod and try to fish it out of the tree. I thought, hey, why not!


I actually snagged the branch twice with the fishing line, but it was not strong enough to pull the branch enough, so will try again tomorrow with a stronger fishing line!  Thanks Bob for the idea… it may work!

This evening we headed out to Ingersoll, to attend a concert in the park.  Chris’ Mom and Dad both play in a group called “A String and a Prayer” and they were playing some Gospel Music for quite a crowd… this is a regular Sunday evening event in Ingersoll, put on by a local Church. 

Gwenny got all dressed up for the occasion.


A fair size crowd gathered, with the stage in the background.


That is Chris’ Father, David on the left.  It was a great evening, and very warm… everyone enjoyed!


Till tomorrow…


  1. Here's hoping you have really good luck "fishing" tomorrow. Gwenny is just too cute.

  2. just a 'plane ole fishing day'!!..better luck tomorrow!!
    Gwennie sure looks cute all dressed up!!!

  3. Hope you catch something next time. Great to see Gwenny all dressed up and out on the town!