Friday, June 1, 2012

Back to home base today.

Gerard and I were up bright and early this morning, enjoying coffee and computers… in the rain!  Seems all of Ontario is under a black  rain cloud and we will all be wet!

We were soon at our latest project, and completing the insulation job in the bedrooms…

Below you can see Gerard putting the finishing touches to the insulation…


You can see the thickness of the insulation below, as we had one panel to complete in this room… somehow I forgot to take a picture of the finished product after we installed the panels again… I don’t know why????


After bedroom #1, we started in bedroom #2 where the hot water tank is located, soon to be put outside.  The plumber will do that next week.  Once again we got the wall all insulated and ready to go.  All that has to happen now  is the plumber to move the tank, and then the bedroom can be finished off…


After all the work was done by noon, we enjoyed lunch and then decided to hit the road back home, as the weather was sure not going to be nice… too wet for more golf, or anything else!  We were back to Kitchener by 3:30 and Judy drove up in the Jeep to pick me up for the return to Woodstock.  Sure had a great time at the cottage with Gerard doing lots of work, and finding some time to play!

As we got back to the RV, Judy found this black squirrel, who happens to have a red tail!  He is a bit soggy in this pic however…


Tomorrow we are off again, to Orillia this time… My older Brother Richard, and his Wife, Susan, are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and we are going to attend the party being put together.  Probably won’t get a blog put together tomorrow, we will have to see!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Pass along our congratulations to your brother and his wife. 40 years...a wonderful accomplishment!

  2. The "noises" from next door should definitely be muted after your great insulation caper. 40 years - Wow. Wish them a very Happy Anniversary for us.

  3. Congrats to your brother and his wife on their 40th!

    Party, party, party! What a life!

  4. Congratulations on 40 years. Sounds like a great excuse for a party, have fun.

  5. Party? Did someone say Party??? Where??? Forty years is a long time, you know. It deserves a party.

  6. Sure seemed like you two had a nice time - albeit with renovations in mind.

    Fourty years in an accomplishment. Congrats to them.