Saturday, August 10, 2013


We have certainly enjoyed great weather this weekend up at Sable Beach... nice and sunny, 68 to 70 deg. F. today... just perfect!

This morning, while enjoying breakfast, we had an impromptu game of bolaball... check out Debbie's form above!


Here is Dale throwing another great shot, as she turned into our Morning Champion!

Check out this short video of Dale beating Al for the Semi-Final... it's a great game!

After lunch, we all decided to walk down to the main beach at Sauble... to enjoy Sandfest, 2013! This is an annual event, but the first time I have been able to enjoy it!

Check out these sand sculptures...

This one was amazing...


This one kind of looked like us sitting around the fire last night...


They were all great, including Sponge Bob Square Pants above...

What a awesome day it was at Sauble...

The main beach was full...

They also had an awesome Classic Car Show on the beach as part of Sandfest...

Check out the Punch Buggy, (Tom and Cheryl....)

My good Friend Gerard, made me put this picture in the Blog, of this 57 Chev Belaire. He was telling us, this was the first car he ever owned...(no, not the one in this picture...) He paid $325.00 for his, when it was 8 years old... just shows you how old my Friend is now! (do the math here...)

OK, so this guy and his buddy, driving this Ferrari, made sure he got a little more than his 15 minutes of fame, as he drove this thing along the beach.... you should have heard it... I was impressed! What an awesome car!


  1. A lot of good fun had. I particularly like the Volkswagen Beetle. Nice!

  2. What great fun. I love looking at sand sculptures. We were luck to see a super display when we were in Oregon. Your sculptures look awesome.

  3. Don't you just love the beach there at Sauble, really a great fun place to enjoy.
    Love VW Beetle, I had three myself a '59' 60 and '73 so much fun to drive and easy to fix.

  4. Amazing sand sculptures.

    Loved the pic of the '57 Chevy - I had one of those too and I believe I paid around $500 for it when it was 6 or 6 years old. If know the rest!!

  5. awesome Cars on the beach der Maverick. I've already started making ice for the 24th weekend. LOL