Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Another rainy day...

Being back into Woodstock today, for the 1st time in quite a while, Judy was chomping at the bit to go and visit Gwenny and Charlie... and Kristina too of course!

Judy brought the kids back some gifts that she picked up during our Ottawa trip, and Gwenny loved this 24 piece puzzle and was very soon working on it! Did not take her too long!

We all decided to go over to McDonalds for a "Happy Meal" which is one of Gwenny's favs... here she is above with her 1st ice cream cone... she had to study it for a while, but she soon laid a number on it! She had a ball with it, but said the cone part tasted like "paper" so she was not too quick to eat it!

There is an awefull lot of light going on in the picture above, but Kristina snapped this one of Gwenny and I reading a Child's Book of an App that I down loaded. Gwenny loved the stories and new right away how to change pages... I see an iPad in her future one day!

Not to be out done, Charlie was just a bouncing up and down on my knee today and had lots of laughs, and smiles for his Pop Pop. No Happy Meal for Charlie, he slept the whole time in the Restaurant.

Charles is developing very well... I was slow on the camera switch, but Charlie can now roll over by himself... did it for the first time last week. He is getting real big and is strong. Think he is going to be taller than Pop Pop one day, that is for sure!

This afternoon we spent working on domestic duties around the RV and cleaned up the Jeep! Sure was warm this afternoon.

Till tomorrow...


  1. You have logged some kilometers on the jeep....but it is nice to get back after several travel days, no doubt.

    Charlie is getting bigger....and I concur with Gwenny, ice cream cones do taste like paper!!!

  2. So nice to see the kids again, no rain here only 20 minutes away.
    But yep it was wonderfully hot , great day for the pool.

  3. the kids are getting so big!! nice to spend some quality time with them!!

  4. I sure hope you gave little Charlie a treat for doing that roll-over trick! I'm going to have to teach Mason that one pretty soon.

    Gwenny is sure growing up into a beautiful young lady.