Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to Woodstock...

Thunderstorms all night long in Bracebridge last night, but it stayed quite warm out. Lots of rain as well... We enjoyed breakfast with David and Angela this morning, and then we had to get to work.

Back in April they installed a new Phantom Invisible Screen Door on the front of their home to keep all those Muskoka bugs outside where they belong. Well, it seems as we were all standing out on the front deck saying goodbye to some of the Friends leaving, I turned to walk back into the house, and welllllll.... it seems I did not see the invisible door and kind of run into it! Ouch!

David and Angela did some internet research and we came up with a plan to fix the screen, as it has come off the main roller assembly of the door, but did look fixable.

Now it may not look like we are doing a lot in the picture above... and I am doing a bit of research of the instructions on my iPad, and looks like David stopped for a break. The biggest challenge of this job was getting the tension back on the main roller assembly, and after a quick call to the Company's hotline, we soon had it all worked out, and had the door back on the frame work. All is good again! David and Angela said I would be allowed to come back again!

We enjoyed lunch and then Judy and I set out down Highway 11 on our way to Orillia.

We wanted to stop in and see my Mom in Orillia. She is doing very well, and we had a great visit. She had a bunch of stuff she wanted to donate to her Church for an upcoming sale, so I loaded the Jeep and took it down to the Church for her. Judy set to work and fixed up a few bugs on her computer for her. All is well again. Yup, Mom is over 90 now, and still enjoys living on her own in her Apartment!

Later this afternoon we blasted off down the Highway and about 3 1/2 hours later landed in Woodstock once again!

Till tomorrow...



  1. We had just moved into our first house and on the second night our sister-in-law walked right through our screen door. It was never the same again.

    Glad you were able to fix it

  2. Your Mom is wonderful - still using the ole computer. I think that's wonderful. I've walked into a door before but never through one.

  3. Your mom looks great and what a blessing that she can still live independently.

  4. too bad about walking into the screen door..glad that you managed to get it fixed!
    your Mom looks wonderful and good for her for still living on her own and being computer savy!!

  5. My Grandmother lived in her own apartment until she was 102! She never owned a computer though.

    Must have been a real shock to walk into an invisible screen. Good fix!

  6. Those invisible screen doors sure are invisible, good you got it fixed.
    You Mom is looking good, welcome back home.

  7. It's easy enough to walk through a visible screen door - I think an invisible one is kind of a booby trap! Way to make it right by helping to fix it :)