Friday, August 23, 2013

On the road again, back to Woodstock...

Up and on the road this morning at 9:15 this morning... simply another beautiful day in Ontario, August has been fantastic so far.

Everything was going great until we hit Toronto on the 401... can you imagine that!

It took us close to 3 hours just to get across Toronto this afternoon...we hit Toronto traffic around 2:30 and did not hit into Woodstock until after 5:30! This would normally take about 1 1/2 hours to drive this route. There must be no people in Downtown Toronto this weekend, cause they all left!


However, when you are retired, what does it really matter, other than you get home a little later than you expected!


There are all kinds of different lanes along this route, and they have these big signs that tell you the very obvious, like "Express Lanes and Collectors are moving slow beyond the next transfer". You have lots of time to read these signs, as you are almost stopped going under them!

Anyways, enough about traffic... we are back home, and you think we would stay around for a while... well you are wrong! Heading off in the morning up to Bracebride to visit Friends David and Angela for the weekend!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Here's hoping your drive goes better! Too bad you need to cross Toronto again :(

  2. You should have just headed north on the 400 and saved all the extra driving.

  3. You guys are real gypsy's - always on the move.

    Hope your travels are o.k. today.

  4. If all those folks in cars and trucks would just stay home, you would not have any problems getting around! LOL

    I hate traffic.....but it is a true condition of living or traveling in or around large urban areas.