Saturday, August 3, 2013

African Lion Safari.... GO WILD!!!

African Lion Safari has been a tourist trap here in southern Ontario for about as long as I can remember... well maybe that is not so long as I get older, but you know what I mean!

No, there was none of this going on in the picture above, but you get the drift!

Judy came up with a plan this morning to take Kristina and the kids to this Park today, as Chris has gone away for a few days camping.

The way this Park works is that you can actually drive your car through 7 different compounds that have wild animals in them, including lions and cheetahs!

I caught this picture of the King of Beasts with my cell phone... I cannot show you what he did to the female lion lying beside him, as this is a family blog...but you may have heard the song "Afternoon Delight!"...


These monkeys and baboons will come down and for "FREE" will gladly rip off loose mirrors, or wiper blades from you car for you and hand them to you... we took the tour bus for $5.00 each, and spared any damage to Kristina's Honda Odessey.


You name it, they had it here today... the weather was also picture perfect...

This is just a baby above, and he started running when he saw one of the workers bring out some fresh branches for him to chew on.. Gwenny simply loved seeing all these animals, and also knows all their names. She brought her zoo book along for reference.

They also have a bunch of elephants, and they take them to the lake twice a day for swims! You could ride this elephant for $6.00 each.

I let Gwenny go just once, turn around and she is trying to start the safari buggey... what a kid! They had a great playground for the kids also.

Oh, and they also have a monster water park for the kids... we brought Gwenny's bathing suit so she was all set! She loved this big water gun above, as it shifted back and forth and you could spray people.

I was trying to explain to her that if you pulled the rope, the water came down... she was a little leery...

This water park had everything you could imagine... kids were just having a ball... check out the short video below showing Gwenny going down her first waterslide... Granny was there to catch her!


We all know what happens at the end of the day... Gwenny ran out of gas... but after a short nap, she was back at it again very shortly believe it or not! She had a ball, and little Charlie just hung on to Mom all day, and never said a word! It was a real fun day!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Oh my goodness the kids and I had sooo much fun today, what a hoot!

  2. Who had more fun? you or the kids? Sounds like a fun day even if it's a tourist trap.

  3. Can I be your granddaughter for a day? I would love to go visit the Safari. I envy Gwenny!

  4. Great pic of Gwenny and you on the bench at the end of the day. It's not hard to see Gwenny had a great day - not to mention her Grandpa!

    That's quite the park, I'd never heard of it before.