Friday, August 30, 2013

What a concept! Spend the day at home!!!

The furthest I went today was into Town to do a bit of shopping! No big travels today!


What a great day it turned out to be... nice and warm all day, a bit overcast, but just perfect. Kristina and the kids came out early this morning to join us for the day...

Gwenny ASKED me to get out her small pool today, so I had to do it! She had a ball all day in it... she is trying to use the pail I used to bring out the hot water to warm it up a bit...

Later in the morning, she wanted to go to the "Big Pool"... so we had to do that as well! She really liked that big yellow ball and bouncing on it!


The big pool was a nice 85 deg. F. today, so she just loved it.

In the Video above, I was trying to get Charlie to talk to me, he wouldn't, but Gwenny found a way to pour water on my foot!

While Gwenny played in the pool, Charlie was having some tummy time with Judy. Now Rick out west in B.C from Rick and Paulette's RV Travels, was trying to get his Grandson Mason to roll over yesterday without much luck. I thought I would try to get Charlie to dance today, but all I could do was catch him trying to roll over again! He does not like staying on his back now, and loves it on his tummy... Charlie is a full month ahead of Mason time wise, so very quickly Mason will catch up I am sure! Sure is a blast to watch them try to do stuff!



Gwenny and I went for a walk around the park this morning, and found the fall decorations all done up for the Labour Day Weekend. One of our full time residents, Cindy does all this fancy work. Gwenny was naming off all the fruit to me in the basket!

Ended the day with a great chicken BBQ that we all enjoyed!

Till tomorrow...


  1. sounds awesome! family time and chicken on the BBQ, does it get much better?

  2. Between you and Rick, I am not sure who is crazier. Those poor boys having grandpas like you two. Lol

  3. I'm going to show that video clip of Charlie rolling over to Mason so he can see how it's done. I have to say I'm sure glad Charlie didn't start talking to you or that would have really put the pressure on!!

    Gwenny sure is a water-baby. It seems she always has been too.

  4. Good fun reading about the grandson competitions between you and Rick.

    Fun in the pools is great but a photo of you in the little pool with Gwenny would have garnered some laughs! How about it?