Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Muskoka Thunder!

Judy and I simply have not been travelling enough lately, so we jumped on our motorcycles today, and drove up to attend the weekly bike night of The Muskoka Thunder Riding Club.

When we lived up here before we retired, I attended this event every week...nice to meet up with old Friends again.

Lots of different bikes show up every week.

People spend a bunch of money on their machines...

You cannot get a better spot for this event than Muskoka Wharf, right on Lake Muskoka in Gravenhurst.

They also have a big water ski show each week.

Many thanks to David and Angela AGAIN...for providing dinner and a great place to spend the night!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Love the paddle boat photo.

    You bikers always have a great time.

  2. You sure are getting around, good thing we are retired!
    Looks like a fun day.

  3. Bikers seem to have this need to meet up and congregate on a regular basis. I wonder why that is? Nice looking bikes!