Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cottage Olympics...Part Deux!

As all of you will no doubt remember, last year when we had the initial run of Cottage Olympics, I came out the big winner! People still talk of my accomplishments during these games, but I kind of down play them. This year, I was unable to defend my title... :-(

Above, Gerard is presenting the first place prize to Dale, our new Cottage Olympic Champion for 2013.

Now I did come in a close second, but I hear that only counts in horse shoes. Her Husband Al, came in third.

We were pleased to have Darlene join us up at the cottage today, and here she is show her great skill in the Noodling Around Game. Pick up a piece of penne with a piece of spaghetti in your mouth and drop it in the dish... I won this contest with 11 pieces in 1:00 minute, under the "minute to win it" theme.

Gerard was showing his form in bollaball... it is his home court.

Debbie is showing her form in the Golf Ball Toss game... one that takes a lot of skill...

No, Dale did not stop for a cookie break... she was taking a bite after moving the cookie from her forehead to your mouth, using no hands or anything... hard to do!

Or how about the jelly bean race, by blowing your jelly bean through the cookie course with your straw only...

Here Gerard is competing in the endless game of kick your shoe on the board contest which is a lot harder than you may think it to be...

Here is a great shot of Debbie demonstrating her form in the shoe toss...

You try and toss that small plastic cup over the neck of that beer bottle... really hard to do but not impossible.

So, you now get the drift of how our weekend is going... lots of good Friends, great food, good weather and plenty of activities to do.

Last night around midnight, we all went down to the Beach and laid out on a blanket to stare at the sky. It was an incredibly clear night with no cloud cover, and Ontario is in the middle of a meteor shower over the next couple days. We counted at least a dozen hit the atmosphere last night.


Now we did not see the quality of meteor shower that I have captioned above, but you will get the drift. Looks like way too many clouds to see much tonight... too bad!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Good thing you guys managed to hang on to your cookies. Your 'cottage olympics' sure looked like great fun!

  2. What a fun time y'all are having. I love the shoe toss. Wonder how flip flops work? So sorry you didn't defend your title. Better luck next year.

  3. Sound like you had and awesome time at the beach and good weather too.
    Too much fun.

  4. great Olympic fun! maybe next year you can win back your title!

  5. I think I see some potential Olympic Games competitions that could bump out some current ones like water ballet and duo-diving!

    Sorry to hear you didn't repeat as champion, John. However, has Dale's drug test come back yet?? You may still have a chance if she comes back positive!