Friday, August 9, 2013

Off to Sauble Beach this weekend...

Looks like a beautiful weekend to spend up at the cottage, so off we went this morning, making the 202 klm. trip north up to Sauble Beach. Deb and Gerard have a great cottage up there, that I have blogged about before. This is an annual trip usually made on the August long weekend, but got delayed one week this year.

Here we are sitting out at the campfire tonight... Deb and Gerard, Dale and Al and Judy and myself...

Judy and I arrived around 4:30, and we enjoyed pulled pork sandwiches for Dinner, compliments of Dale and Al. After dinner we headed down to take a walk along the east shore of Lake Huron... the clouds were ominous to say the least... but it was a beautiful night for a walk on the beach.


I wanted a picture of this guy driving down the beach, and he ended up waving at me as he drove by... I am kind of partial to Jeeps...

There was no rain for tonight in the forecast, but we did get a couple of drops come down. Really enjoyed our walk along the beach tonight.

The kids were busy today on the beach as there was evidence of sand castles in a few places...

Anyways, we are here till Monday, so get used to seeing a few cottage pics this weekend.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Seems like a perfect spot to enjoy the scenery, beach and good friends too.

    Have fun!

  2. Love the Sauble Beach area, it will be less crowded after the long weekend.
    We used to go camp at Sauble Falls and spend the days on the beach in our RV, for quite a few years.
    Some awesome sunsets there too.

  3. Sure is a beautiful, sandy beach - could be in Florida!

    That campfire looked pretty inviting too!