Sunday, August 25, 2013

Life in Muskoka...

Judy and I jumped in our Jeep Saturday morning, and with the help of Ontario's Highway 407, we were able to make it up to Bracebridge in about 3 1/2 hours.... and that was with very heavy traffic all the way, so not too bad.

David and Angela wanted to head over to Midland to take in the Tall Ships that were spending the weekend down in the Harbour. They are celebrating the War of 1812. It was quite the day...

The 3 Tall Ships in Midland came with a bunch of period aged actors who put on a bit of a play for the crowd...

Above you can see the Peacemaker...which is 150 feet long. It was built in Brazil in 1989 as a replica.

Here is Judy playing the tourist above... we got to tour the whole ship.

It had a pretty up to date command centre for the Captain to run the ship.

It was nice getting to tour through the ship... it tours all over the world.

Here is Angela and Judy on one of the smaller ships checking out that big steering wheel... we had an incredible day of fine weather to do this tour...

The Captain had a nice fancy lounge and bedroom.

We ended up going out to dinner at Henry's Fish and Chip Restaurant which was fantastic.

Today David and Angela hosted a bunch of friends for a backyard BBQ, that turned out to be rainy... too bad, but a good time was had by all anyways.

We all got together for a group photo today in the Family Room as we had to sit inside.

Thanks to our hosts David and Angela.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Sounds like you enjoyed a wonderful weekend.
    Too bad about the rainy BBQ party thou.

  2. Rain or shine - indoors or outdoors - it's the people we surround ourselves with who make any visit worthwhile. I enjoy the tall ships when they come out to our Pacific west coast.

  3. Gotta love those Tall Ships, they are magnificent.

    You and Judy are definite 'party animals'.