Friday, August 2, 2013

Flying Colours....

Yes, our Gulf Stream Endura passed it's Drive Clean Test today with flying colours... The results were well below the minimum levels of pollution set by the Government, so we are good to go!

After these test are completed, they are posted on the Ministry Computer Systems, so you don't even have to bring a copy in when you go to get your stickers renewed.

So, what was the damage you ask... well, we had to get 2 drive clean certificates, a two year plate renewal for the Jeep, and a 2 year plate renewal for the Motor Home, and a one year renewal for the plate on my motorcycle came to $500.00!!!! What a deal.... right.... enough about that stuff... let's move on.

On a more serious note, RICK from BC was bragging on his blog today about how his new Grandson Mason was a real fighter, and was ready to take on just about anyone! You can read that post HERE! Well, we cannot stand for that out here in Ontario, and Charlie is ready to take on just about anyone! Check out the muscles on his arm!

Well, maybe you can't actually see his muscles yet, but this is his best "DON'T MESS WITH ME" look that I have ever seen!

Hmmmmm... wonder what both these young lads will grow up to be???????

Enjoy the long weekend everyone... we will!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Both Charlie and Mason are going to grow up to be the most loved of all grandkids - at least until I get one.

  2. Looks like I'll have to beef up our little Mason a bit before he ever gets in the ring with Charlie! That is one tough looking little hombre!! A very 'cute' tough though!!

    It sure is fun watching these little guys grow and begin to develop their own personalities isn't it?

    Glad to see your rig passed the clean test.