Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to Blogland!

Well, we had a terrific camping experience in Emily Provincial Park, which is located just east of Lindsay, Ontario, on Highway 7.

Can't remember taking 3 nights off in a row on the blog, but it happened here, as the internet was slower than dial up. Tonight, Judy and I have landed over in Ottawa, our Nations Capital City, to visit Shawn, Jenn and the kids for a few days.

Got a mess of pictures from our camping so here we go...

We spent a lot of time out on the Kayaks... check out above, as I view a karate class in progress on the beach in the Park.... early morning.


Not sure of who they were, but they were enjoying themselves, and making some karate noise!

Gwenny was helping Chris to put up the big top when they arrived...

Gwenny was so excited about camping she didn't know which way to go... she was all over just having a ball!

I think she enjoyed the beach the most... along with the great 4 days of perfect weather we had!

It was hard to get her out of the water...

Judy took her out in the kayak... Gwenny loved it!

You can hardly see her face behind the life jacket...

Gwenny really enjoyed going for a bike ride around the park with Mom and Dad...

We had a big Corn Hole Toss Game... Cheryl was the big winner.

Charlie enjoyed the hike we all took through the woods on the Park Trail...

I know... he looks a bit worried here... maybe hungry!

Gwenny was hanging around with her new BFF Tom this morning, as we were packing to leave.

Anyhow, you all get the drift of how life was at the park... we all had a blast!

Till tomorrow...



  1. WOW....that is one big tent.

    Gwenny is too cute in those sun glasses. Charlie is growing so fast.

    Looks like a ton of memories were made in a very short time. Glad y'all had a wonderful time.

  2. Love that tent.
    Camping with kids is the absolute best. It's stuff that stays with them forever.

  3. It's about time you returned to Blogland! I thought you may have been upside down somewhere in one of those kayaks!

    Gwenny is sure an adventurous little girl - kayaking and biking.

    Charlie's still way to cool - way!!

  4. looks like that was a fun family camping trip! that was quite the tent! I am sure it was filled with all the necessities when it comes to camping with little ones!

  5. Good to see you back.
    After having way too much fun at Emily, looks like you has some perfect weather too.