Thursday, August 29, 2013

We have the Power!

The Province of Ontario has the largest population of all the Canadian Provinces, and that means of course we probably suck up more power than any of the other Provinces... Judy and I were back on the road early this morning, heading back down to Woodstock. David had breakfast all set for us, and is the best Inn Keeper in the Town of Bracebridge!

As we don't like riding the 400 series Highways on our Motorcycles, we took all the back roads we could find between Bracebridge and Woodstock. It is a 310 klm. ride and took us a little over 4 hours, however it was simply a gorgeous day for riding... could not get any better.


Starting to look an awefull lot like Desert Hot Springs around here.... This is in Shelburne, Ontario.



They have a whole bunch of these windmills in the Shelburne area now, and continue to add more of them. They are some of the biggest windmills I have come across... they keep making them bigger. So how big are they you ask???? Check out the picture below...


We stopped for lunch in Shelburn, and this truck came up Highway 10 and turned left onto Highway 89. For the life of me I did not think he was going to make it! The Police had the intersection all shut down. The only way he made it, was the fancy back wheels he has. If you look hard, they actually turn to allow the back of the trailer to make the big sweeping left turn. David told me the driver can turn them from the cab of the truck. Also, note that is is on ONE propeller blade off one of those windmills. Guess what else...

We are in the heart of Ontario's Nuclear Power Generation! Only a few klms. from all these windmills, is the Bruce Nuclear Power Plant, which houses 5 Nuclear Reactors, just a pumping out the juice to keep your laptop going! Back in the late 1970's, Judy and I lived in Port Elgin, which is right on Lake Huron, and we could see the Power Plant from Town real easy! I think we still glow at night! Ontario also has other big Nuclear Plants in Darlington, and up north... seems funny to me to put these windmills right beside the big Power Plant... trying to balance things out I guess. There is a lot of wind where they put the windmills!

Farmers were cutting hay all day today...

Well, all our travelling might be over for a bit... we are kind of road weary right now... but having a blast!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Thanks for the pics of those windmills - making me feel homesick a bit for Desert Hot Springs.

    We don't have any of those big old nuclear power plants here in B.C. Just plain old hydro-electric from all the rivers and dams.

    Hope you zipped by that reactor a pretty good clip so's not to get zapped.

  2. We have friend that worked at Bruce for the last 5 years, I swear he glows in the dark and really lights up the campground.
    Now back home and relax for a day or two.
    Love the back roads heading north too.

  3. They should install those Windmills on Parliament Hill. The wind coming from all the politicians they wouldn't need the Nuclear Plants. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I am with Rick and Kathy Rousseau's comment.