Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wow... a full day spent in Ottawa!

After landing in Ottawa yesterday afternoon, Judy and I had visitors out at our RV, as Shawn, Jenn, and Emmie and Paige made it out for a campfire! It was a beautiful night, and we had a blast... good to see them all again.

This morning with Shawn and Jenn off to work early, Judy and I got to enjoy a day at the water park with the kids and Lita, who is their Nanny.

That is Lita above, pushing Paige on the swing... it was a great day.

This was one weird teter totter... big springs on it!

I have a couple short videos, above Judy does an "underdoggie"... with Paige.

Emmie loved this tire swing in the video above...

I climbed up this big man made tobogan hill and took a picture of the Sport Center here in Kanata. Oh, ya, they like their hockey here in Ottawa, with lots of power skating classes going on two different rinks in this complex!

I was playing around with the kids with Judy's water camera above... they all thought I had ruined the camera when it got wet...

We got Lita to take this picture of us enjoying our picnic lunch at the Park. Was a great day today!

Till tomorrow...



  1. That was a great day, John. Judy's pretty good at that 'under-doggie' thing.

    Great vid clips - fun to watch!

  2. Looks like and amazing day with the family, and great weather too.