Tuesday, July 1, 2014

147 years old... Way to go CANADA!!!

There is nothing better than saying you live in the Best Country in the World, and proud to shout it out to everyone!

The True, North, Strong and Free is one big Country to call home! Happy Birthday Canada!

Canada is instantly identified by our Maple Leaf on our Flag around the World. Hard to believe we have had it for less than 50 years out of our 147!

Weather was just perfect for Canada Day... hot, and a bit overcast with a bit of rain. We took advantage of the Holiday, to take a little Cruze...

We jumped in our car, and were roaring down the backroads with our hair flying out the opened sunroof, with the stereo just a blasting out the tunes! London was our destination... ya I know, it is only about 35 klicks to the west of us, but we drove slow to stretch it out! This is the first chance Judy has had really to try out our new car, and she was happy she could simply plug her MP3 Player directly into the Pioneer Sound System directly through the centre counsel. Awesome sound!

We headed to the West side of London, where the Thames River runs along side Springbank Drive. They this fantastic paved walking/bicycle trail that runs for miles... It was packed with people, but they all ran away when I took out the camera above...

This is the type of tree above, that you don't want to come across at night time in the Park... too spooky!

The geese in the pic above were not flying much... too hot I guess. They were enjoying sitting by the Thames. Water level seemed to be down according to the eye of John, but what do I know.

We walked a total of about 3 1/2 miles, turning around once we hit Storeybook Park. This is an awesome place to bring the young uns...nice big splash pad that was well used today.

We made our way back to Woodstock, and headed down to Southside Park where they had a few Canada Day Events going on... including a bunch of venders selling all kinds of different things...

They had a bunch of these fancy play houses/blow up toys for the kids to enjoy...

Now the pony rides were a big hit with the kids... heck, I wanted to try it!

We headed home by mid afternoon, and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the RV.

Till tomorrow...


  1. A nice country drive and a hike in this amazing weather for Canada Day.
    I have fond memories of taking my young uns to Storybook Gardens many, many years ago.

  2. Happy Canada Day to you and yours!!!

  3. Happy Canada Day. Hope you enjoyed the say, since I am a day late.

  4. Yours was a nice Canada Day activity.....and driving the new wheels with the sun roof open sounded great.