Monday, May 9, 2011

Repair Day!

What a beautiful day in Ontario, and looks like it is good all week!  About time!

How nice was it today????   All the birds had to line up to get at Judy’s bird feeding centre… I have a feeling this is going to be a costly summer for bird food!



Check out the nice red tipped black bird that showed up for the buffet… going to be lots of fun watching these guys all summer!


Out the door first thing this morning to take our RV up to Forest City RV in London, Ontario.  We had a leak in our kitchen area, and it turned out to be the water filters we had installed underneath the sink.  Rick for Forest City made quick work of taking it all apart and fixing it up for us.  These guys offer excellent service and know how to take care of their customers.  We did not buy our RV from them, but they treat me like I am their best customer!


You can check them out at 

They also had to replace my pressure relief valve on the hot water tank along with a new anode rod. Gave the tank a good flush out as well!

Judy took off for Orillia this morning in our Jeep, as she is going to spend a couple days helping my Mother out with some cleaning of her apartment.  I will go up Wednesday to meet them and visit my Cardiologist in Bracebridge. 

This afternoon I visited Kristina, and took a look at the future “Baby’s” room.  It has to be painted and cleaned up… so that will be the project this weekend!  We visited Home Depot this afternoon and liberated about 4 gallons of paint from their inventory!


They have a nice parking spot for new Mom’s and New Mom’s To Be!  I told Kristina she should be parking there!  That is Her Zoom Zoom right beside the empty spot.  She said she would rather “walk” from where she parked!

baby park

So with Judy gone tonight, Vancouver better come through!  They are playing in Nashville tonight… here is hoping!

Till tomorrow…


  1. still hoping here in BC!!!..go canucks!!
    Did you hear Don Cherry tonight complaining about the 'green men?'..geesh!!

  2. Well, the Canucks managed to squeeze out a win and the series tonight. They'll be glad to get a few days off now and hope Detroit and San Jose go 7 games!

    It's nice to get an RV dealer that's good and more importantly, one that you can trust.