Friday, May 13, 2011

How long have we been married???

Yes, we are back down in Woodstock tonight after a busy few days.

Yesterday, the 11th of May, turns out to be out 37th Wedding Anniversary!  Judy and I married on my Mother and Father’s Anniversary.   We had a great day, ending off with a nice Steak Dinner with the Morrison’s in Alliston.

While on the farm, Judy always finds a few barn cats to pet… these are all 1 year olds…


I was walking down to the barn yard, to do an inspection, and the crew kept me company…


Augh… yes, all present and accounted for!  Just don’t say the word “McDonalds” in front of them… they get a little jittery…


I did make it up to see Dr. Williams in Bracebridge yesterday, and he found some more test up his sleeve that he wants me to do for him, so he will keep me busy for the next couple months…

Judy took a picture of Mom while in Orillia… she helped Mom out a great deal, by helping cull some items from her apartment for her.   Things can build up fast!


We left Alliston this morning, and drove back down to Woodstock… Judy in the Jeep, me on the Honda… me getting wet while it rained for 1/2 an hour… it still is fun riding in the rain… just not as much fun!

We had a small plumbing leak again in our kitchen area, so I had to go to Home Depot this afternoon and pick up a new little piece of pipe, and while we were there we picked up a new lawn mower to cut our grass with this summer.  NO GAS,  NO LOUD CLUNKY MOTOR, NO FUMES, just a bunch of grass getting cut with some women power!  This unit is made by Scott’s, and sell at Home Depot for $79.00 – works like a charm!


Back to working on the new Baby’s room tomorrow!

Great game 7 going on right now with Detroit and San Jose.   Sharks just scored!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Happy Anniversary, 37 years and you can still get Judy to cut the grass with a push mower! What a guy!!

    Your Mom looks great!

  2. I'm thinking I'll get my wife a push mover for our 25th. Congrats

  3. That was quite the anniversary gift for Judy. A lawnmower of all things! You are a very brave man indeed!

  4. happy 37th anniversary to you both! really didn't get her a mower for a gift did you??..

  5. Happy 37th anniversary John & Judy 1974 was a good year, Chris and I have you beat by just 15 days :-)

    See you on the 28th !

    Jim Crook