Thursday, May 5, 2011

Great Balls of Fire!

Yes, the sun came out today!  Turned out to be a very nice day, about 16 deg. C.

This morning I broke my baby out of jail… unloaded my 750 and cleaned it up a bit, and fired up the engine after a long winters nap.  Took it out for a spin into Woodstock as it was so nice this morning…

I bought this bike new back in 2007 and it is still in real good shape with 35,000 klms. on it.

Bike 1

One nice thing about this bike, is that it gets about 70 miles per gallon!   Lots of power with the 750 motor, but the twin cylinders share 1 carburetor.  This allows for great gas mileage!

Bike 2

Judy gave me a hand this morning, and we moved out motorcycle trailer into position for the summer.  We use the trailer to park the bikes in and keep them clean and dry!


Looks like we might be in for some good weather for the next few days!  Here is hoping!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Nice looking bike! Hope the great weather continues so you can unwind that baby a bit.

  2. I notice you have a single axel trailer for your mc. I'm looking to buy a trailer but worried about sway with a single axel. Have you had any problems?

  3. Great mileage, maybe I need to look into one, but I am not sure how I would carry it and tow the car.