Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My “Baby” is back…

Hey, at least the weather was a whole lot better today…   enjoyed breakfast with my Mother this morning in Orillia and Judy was off for a medical appointment.  Soon after that was finished, we headed further north up to Bracebride, as it was time to rescue my “baby”…

Yes, I picked up my 750 Honda and dragged it home in the trailer behind the Jeep… no pictures of it tonight for you, but don’t worry, there is always tomorrow…

As we drove into Bracebridge, the first thing I noticed was that the water levels were real high, imagine that!  We had to detour over the High Falls Bridge, so we thought we would get a picture of all the water rushing down… but low and behold they were ripping apart all the Town Docks in order to re-build… so our pictures are at a distance… it is really quite a nice spot.

100_0115 - Copy100_0114

Judy took this pic of the swollen Muskoka River as we left the falls area, heading over to David and Angela’s…  forgot to get pictures over at David and Angela’s, maybe due to being too busy… helped David with a bunch of chores related to spring… putting out his patio furniture etc…

100_0116 - Copy

Looking at the next couple of pictures, you will think we have gone back to Desert Hot Springs, and  the San Gorgonio Pass… check out the windmills!


Actually, we are driving back home to Woodstock, on Highway 6 near the Town of Shelbourne… the Windmill Capital of Canada.  They have quite a few of them here, and are on a couple years old.


Made it back to the RV tonight around 6:30.  Left the Jeep parked to deal with tomorrow. 


Taking life easy tonight watching Tampa sweep Pittsburgh! Who would have thought???

Till tomorrow…


  1. That river looks pretty high and dangerous. Nice to see the wind turbines again - especially when they are a couple of thousand miles away!!

  2. Wow the flooding is really running amuck in a lot of places lately... Stay safe

  3. Now you need to figure out a way to haul the motorcycle during your snowbirding journeys.