Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Work, work, work…

I am sure everyone is getting tired about hearing nothing but work from this blogger recently, however that is life… This is going to be one special little girl that is being born this coming July, that is for sure.  She already has a bunch of people working their buns off to ensure she will be able to live the good life!

We had to fill all the little gaps between the hardwood boards in the bedroom and the hall.  This is the hall before the sanding began!


We went back and rented the drum sander again to put the finishing touches on the floor today.


Lots of comments on the blog from last night, that showed the “Sun” light that Kristina picked out for the Baby’s room.  It comes from IKEA… and cost $29.95. 

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a couple coats of stain and then after that, verathane.

Hopefully Vancouver can pull it off tonight and head to the Stanley Cup Finals!

Till tomorrow…



  1. I never get tired of hearing and seeing pictures of you working! Reading your blog at night tires me out and I get a good night's sleep!

    Great game - lucky OT goal, but the Canucks are thru to the finals!