Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yes, it is raining again…

No fear of forest fires around Woodstock area… it is doing nothing but rain!

When we stopped by Kristina’s house yesterday afternoon, Judy had left the catnip mouse she bought Patra in her coat pocket.  Kristina’s cat, Balzac, was licking away at Judy’s coat trying to get at the little mouse… well, we went back to the house today, and Balzac attacked Judy’s coat… check it out…

That catnip must be strong stuff…


So here is what I did today at the house…


Working on “Baby’s” room…


Hmmm… kind of spooky looking here…

We are painting the room a nice light green in colour…and this Friday the plan is to re-finish the hardwood floor… more to come on this.


It will soon be 2 years that Judy and I have lived in the RV… (June, 2009).  When we go south I find that most of the people we meet seem to be older that we do… such is life… RVing seems to fit in very good with a retired life style.

A young Lady, by the name of Sara Bell, left a comment on the blog last night, and I took the opportunity today to check out Her blog, The Traveling PhoBlogWriPher   Sara and Her Husband, Ryan, recently decided to change their lifestyle, and bought an older Motorhome, and plan on touring the USA, with the great intention of “giving back” to people they meet along the way.  RVing can fit into anyone’s lifestyle… check it out!

Boston and Tampa playing tonight to fill the screen!

Till tomorrow…



  1. congrats on a nice paint job and the upcoming two year anniversary!!

  2. Congrats on a nice paint job, Granpa!! Also, congrats on your upcoming 2nd anniversary of fulltiming!

    Great hockey game tonight - lots of goals!

  3. Thanks for mentioning us! We are so excited and so far have received nothing but positive feedback and encouragement.
    Maybe we'll even meet a few of you along the way! =]

  4. have fun painting. I'll check out sara's blog, thanks for the suggestion.

    A Arizona Holiday