Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby Room Progress…

Turned out for a change to be a great day here in Woodstock.  Quite warm, and the sun was out for a bit.   We did get a flash rain storm this afternoon, but that did not last long.

Today was sanding day.  At 8:00 this morning, Judy and I were picking up sanding equipment from the Rental Store and then off to the kid’s  house. 

We rented a drum sander, and edge sander to complete the 12 X 12 room.  It took most of the day to complete and turned out not bad!  In the picture I was doing the first grind… to get the entire surface off the floor. 


Baby Broad-Hollinger’s room is coming right along.  Walls are all done, the ceiling is finished and the tiles just have to be re-installed, and the floor just has to be stained and finished! 

Judy accompanied Kristina to the Dr.’s Office today for a check up, and all is doing well.

Judy then went on to complete a whole bunch of weed picking out of the gardens… yuck!

Till tomorrow…


  1. You guys are working awfully hard lately. Oh well, it for a good cause right? Glad Kristina's check-up went well.

  2. I'm sure the floor will look great. Look forward to photos of the job, once completed.

  3. The baby's room is going to be fit for a Queen! Or, was it a King? Either way it's going to be a beautiful room. That floor sanding looks like a big job!