Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Taking care of business…

Just a short post tonight, as we are on the road up in Orillia.   Judy has a medical appointment here tomorrow, so we came up today, and visited Her Brother Gary and his Wife Shelly.  Had a great visit!

No, did not even think of taking a picture…

Did a bunch of running around today, including going to a Mobility Store, and purchased a 911 button for my Mom.  She can wear this around your neck while in the apartment, and if you should happen to fall, or require immediate assistance, you can simply push the blue button and it dials up 911.  You simply talk to them through this devise.  Great for people who live alone!

Tomorrow we will head up to Bracebridge and pick up our Motorcycle Trailer, that has my motorcycle inside, and bring it back to Woodstock.  Let the cycle season begin!   Too much rain again today though…  

Till tomorrow…


  1. Sounds like the kind of day we had. Our "Mom" has one of those devices and it has helped her more than one.

  2. those new devices are the best thing ever!!..at least you know that your "Mom" will be safe!

  3. Good buy on the 911 device! Time to get the 'bike' out for sure!