Thursday, May 19, 2011

So that’s how smart you are!

I had a bit of spare time this afternoon, (imagine that…) and got to playing around with our new LG Smart Phone… and I am wondering “how smart are you anyways???”   After a few flicks of the finger, I find out that this device comes with 15 Gig of Memory!  I am now thinking that this is more memory than the majority of our computers ever dreamed of having!  So, it turns out it is a pretty smart phone…

Had to take our Jeep Liberty into the garage today… as it was it’s turn for the repair man.  New struts and new shocks needed all the way around, with a front end alignment  thrown in for good luck!   Rides like a Cadillac now, but is still a Jeep! After I paid the bill, I think for sure the shop will be closed all day tomorrow for a full staff party!

While I was waiting  for the Jeep repairs, I went around Town with Kristina to do some various chores… found all these tulips downtown Woodstock, just across from the Royal Bank…


Certainly no lack of water for them…


For a change, the sun actually came out today for a little bit…

Till tomorrow…


  1. Don't ya just hate it when all the auto repair techs stop and rub their hands together when you pull in for a service checkup?

  2. I hate repair shops!..they see a woman coming in and they are 'rubbing their hands together' thinking what can we 'suck her into paying for!'

  3. Rain and more rain! We finally have some sun here in the Okanagan and it is great! Love tulips - ouch on the repair bill!

  4. Glad you got your Jeep serviced... it is ashame how much things cost now... Loved the TULIPS!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  5. My husband is a mechanic and for years I always felt like they were all sharks just looking to take your money.
    He really is an honest mechanic, and MOST of his co-workers are as well, but it's funny to hear both sides of the story. They absolutely agree that a lot of mechanics will take you for all you're worth, but they also see people come in all the time who scream until they're blue in the face that our guys messed up something on their car so they want something for free... but they have no records to show they ever came to our shop and neither does our computer system.

  6. I sympathize with you for the front end repairs that you just did. I got my struts replaced in December for about $850, and that was a good reduced price but shortly afterwards the front end was thumping again so the new struts that were installed were coming loose and it had to be partially disassembled and tightened up with lock tite to keep it from working loose again. Darn vehicles!
    Wilf Blakey