Monday, May 23, 2011

No rest for the wicked!

Well, I horsed around with the internet satellite dish this morning so hopefully I can get this post up on the World Wide Web!

Mixed bag today, sun, rain, wind, no wind, warm, cool, you got it!

This afternoon we ended up in at the kids house working on the Baby’s Room…

We had to dismantle the ceiling tiles in order for them to be painted, and this afternoon, Judy put the tiles back in place… here is the last one going in with Chris helping.

Kristina chose the “Sun” light up on the ceiling… very cool… Baby should like it!


I feel like Harold Camping totally screwed up my blog on last Saturday… the famous D Day.

I had this big blog all set and for some reason, no way would it load… hmmmmmm, maybe there is something to all that hoopla…

Boston and TB tonight… go TB.

Till tomorrow…


  1. what a 'funky light'!!..good choice for a baby's room!

  2. I want one of those Sun lights for my room now. Is it battery operated, hard wired or plugged in? And, where did ya get it?

  3. Ummm...... your missing blog may get posted on Oct. 21st as that is Harold Camping's new prediction for the Apocalypse!!

    That sunlight in the baby's room is a great idea!

  4. Love that sunlight! What a lovely gift, preparing the baby's room!