Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Enough already…

Yikes, what a day, don’t know about the rest of the Country, but Ontario is HOT!  High humidity made out 33 deg. C. temp feel well over 40 deg. C.

Had another venture in health care this morning as I was instructed to drive into a lab in London for some more blood work, only to find no paper work that we were promised was going to be there… oh well, will try again later I guess.

Picked up some new trim at Home Depot for the Baby’s room this afternoon, and got it all painted.  Installation will be tomorrow…

This was the rest of the afternoon…

We have a great pool here in our Park, and the Owner Ron does an excellent job taking care of it and the hot tub.  Kristina loves the pool as it makes the baby weightless…


It is funny the way it works at RV resorts I find… the people who stay very seldom use the pool facilities… the same at our resort in Desert Hot Springs… some people use them but certainly not all of them!  We sure enjoyed the 80 deg. F. pool today, that was for sure!


Yesterday I had a snake for you, today… check out this Snapping Turtle, that walked onto our site this morning as Judy and I enjoyed our coffee… check out his tail!


The Owner of the Park, Ron, tell me not to be getting in this guy’s face… or you pay the price… they will grab hold and not let go.


This turtle was big, and I wanted no piece of him… he soon made his way back to the frog pond…

Till tomorrow…


  1. How exciting! We have officially moved into our first park as of today and it doesn't have a pool or anything fancy but I'm excited to see what else we'll come across!

  2. Now, if you put that snapping turtle in the swimming pool, that would cause some excitement!

    I watched on the news tonight to see Toronto sweltering in a heat wave. I'd just like to get up to 60 degrees here and I'd be happy.

  3. looks like a great place to cool off!!...LUCKY!!

  4. Nice looking pool! Would be nice to swim in a pool someone else takes care of...it look pristine. Enjoy the warm weather.

  5. Pool looked refreshing but the turtle not so!!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe