Sunday, May 15, 2011

How smart is a “Smart Phone”

Spent a great day today up here in Bracebridge with David and Angela.  After breakfast we attended Service at David and Angela’ Church in downtown Bracebridge. 

We enjoyed lunch out at a favourite hangout, “Marj’s Restaurant”… lots of fun!

So how smart is a Window’s 7 phone, well I will show you…

big panarama

This is a panorama picture of the high falls area in Bracebridge.  This picture takes in about 180 degrees… fun to play with!

David and Judy were having breakfast, and I took this one, just horsing around with the camera… LG has made it real easy, and you can actually take a 360 degree picture on the phone… go figure.

Judy David PanARAMA

I reported in the blog about a week or so ago, that Bracebridge was replacing the docks down at High Falls.  I was so wrong!   They are actually re-building the hydro project at the bottom of the falls.  A new power generator will be installed.  They are now doing the prep work! 

Hydro panarama

They will re-use the existing buildings, and just replace all the guts with new equipment… tis a big job!

Hydro Project

Still lots of water coming over the falls.

Falls 12

Off to the Dentist tomorrow, and then back down to Woodstock!

Till tomorrow…


  1. I just got a smart phone (droid X). It may be smart, but apparently I could use n upgrade as it is taking me time to learn all the features.

  2. smart phones are only as smart as the users! your's must be pretty darn smart!!

  3. I'm loving my new iPhone! It's pretty smart too!

  4. Smartphones need smart users. I'm feeling my original iPhone is pretty dumb these days - I want Rick's new iPhone!