Friday, May 6, 2011

Raining again…

Yes, it pretty well rained here all day!   Great if you are a duck.

This morning I was up and out the door heading to the big City of London, Ontario.  Had to be there for 8:30 to have a bunch of vials of blood drawn from my arm to satisfy my Dr.’s for upcoming medical appointments I have…

Turned into a bit of a marathon… you want to be there for 8:30 as you have not eaten or drank anything since 7:00 the evening before… so when I got to the first Lab, they informed me I could not give my blood there after a 40 minute wait, and had to go to another one up the road… made it to lab #2 and after another 40 minute wait, was informed by the Lady that she could not read my name on my OHIP card and refused me service.  Well, off I had to go downtown London at this point to the Service Ontario Office and apply for a new Health Card… still have had nothing to eat!  This only took an hour, and then it was back to the Lab #2 for another 30 minute wait before someone got blood out of me!  Easy!  Finished at 11:30 and hand to run to a local restaurant for some food! 

It is a nice drive from Woodstock to London along Regional Road #2.  It is mostly farm fields that line the road for the 38 klm. drive. 

This is leading into Thamesford, a small farming community half way between.


Lots of corn fields along the way… check out the lovely sky…


And to keep everyone’s mind at ease, I stopped driving to take these pictures with our new smart phone… can’t be a distracted driver in Ontario, as it is a $350.00 fine!  There is also not a lot of cars on this road…

farm bldg

Wanted to take Cali for a walk today, but it was just not happening with the rain… maybe tomorrow… Judy and I ended up watching the movie “The Abyss” which is a 4 hour marathon, but not a bad movie for being made in 1989.

Robin made a comment on last night’s blog, about whether or not our one axel trailer sways while being pulled.  The answer to this is no!  This is a great trailer, (6 X 10 ft.) and can hold both our motorcycles.   We pull it with the Jeep and the Motorhome with not problems at all. 

Till tomorrow…


  1. That does not sound like a fun morning! Glad you finally got taken care of...I bet you were good and hungry!

  2. A frustrating morning indeed. I'm familiar with highway 2 from Woodstock to London through Thamesford. Your right in the dairy heartland of Ontario down there in those parts. Lots of farmland.

  3. I thought maybe after being turned away from the second clinic you might just walk into the third and slit your wrists!! How 'bout that, folks!!

  4. Yikes - you must have been hungry by the time you were seen...
    We have been to London and spent time at the hospital there. Went there a couple of years ago with our daughter in law Meghan. After treatment we went on to a Korean restaurant in town.

  5. What a day! It takes people to make life easy and it takes people to make life difficult. You had a difficult day. I would have fainted without ingesting any food for that lengthy period.

    I also have a 6' X 10' Wells Cargo enclosed motorcycle trailer and it doesn't sway when being pulled.

  6. Getting blood drawn NOT a fun start! But glad it all finally got taken care of...
    Hope your weather improves soon!!!