Monday, May 30, 2011

Back to Woodstock…

Made it back to Woodstock by 3:30 this afternoon, and stopped by Kristina and Chris’ house to pick up our pass key.  It was super hot, and we invited them out to the RV Park for a swim and dinner with us… what a perfect night for a swim and our pool was just perfect at 77 degrees F.  Not quite Desert Hot Springs temperatures, but getting close…

It was a great night for sitting out tonight!


It was an un-eventful trip home, just warm… I have a few pics I want to post from our trip to Ottawa.  It was a busy couple of days, and we got a lot of work done…

This is what we wanted to see, the last couple pieces coming off the truck…


Shawn and Jenn, have good friends who live in Ottawa, Brodie and Carey, along with their Daughter, Sophie… and she is about as calm in life as she looks in the picture…


We stayed at Brodie’s and Carey’s house on Friday night and got introduced to their pet, which is a Ball Python… Angelina…  she is a very nice and friendly python…(I think…) pic is a little blurry as I took it with the phone with poor light.


She will wrap around you and give you a hug!


Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, and I think I will be heading into London to give someone some more of my blood… I hope they appreciate it!  Should be making the trip on the Honda!  Supposed to be real nice!

Till tomorrow…


  1. The photo of the group sitting outside looks so very pleasant. We had a few hours of sun today but now it is raining again...grrrr.

    That may be a very nice reptile but I don't think I would want him giving me a hug...

  2. Nothing like seeing an almost empty moving van after a hard day's work. I still can't figure out why anyone would want a snake as a pet! Yuck!

  3. at first I thought it was blurry, because you were close to the snake. An empty moving truck is a good thing.

    A Arizona Holiday

  4. nice to see the end of the 'moving' as for the snake?..eww!!