Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just another work day!

Right from the get go today, I was in the work mode… started off by changing the oil in Judy’s Burgman Motorcycle… had not been done since last fall so it was due… job done!  After that I noticed it was real dirty, so got the bucket and rags out and cleaned it up!  Next I noticed that the new windscreen I installed about 2 years ago, had come a bit lose, so dismantled the trim around it and got it all secure again… on a roll!

Next was cleaning the RV… it is a bit of a job, but only got about 1/2 done today.  After the cleaning is all done, it will be time to wax… yikes!

It is no wonder Squirrels don’t sing with all the bird see they eat!


Out of the blue… this duck just walked by our site on the way down to the hot tub and pool…


Judy put out a suet square for the birds… and well, ya, you guessed it… here comes the squirrel.


After the squirrels knock down all the seeds to the ground, someone has to come along and pick them up… this nice looking cardinal was 1st. in line!


Even the good old black birds picked up the garbage… you have to keep in mind all these pictures of the birds are taken through the RV window…  sure is fun to watch them…


While I was working away this morning, Kristina and Judy headed into the Woodstock Saturday Market, and were impressed with this set up… check out the bees in the hive, with lots of honey for sale.


After the market, they headed over to the big City of Burlington.  Wanted to check out Ikea!  Judy has her eyes on the black couch suspended here for the RV…


Kristina found a nice chair to go with the couch…


Took Cali for a big run over at the dog park this afternoon.   She had her tongue hanging out at the end of that!

Just watching to see if Vancouver can win over Nashville tonight to finish that series off! 

Till tomorrow…


  1. Oh my, all this nature! I love it!

  2. nope!..going to Nashville..the green men are going on a road trip!!!

  3. Great photos.... I am looking for a couch also and will be sure to go check out IKEA... I love it there anyways!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  4. That black couch is hovering just like a helicopter. I can see it landing in your RV soon!

    The Canucks love to make it difficult for themselves!