Thursday, May 26, 2011

Final coats…

This morning we were back at the Baby’s room, as I applied 2 coats of Verathane to the freshly stained hardwood floors in the room… it was way to yucky to try and take pictures, they will come later…

Actually found some time to head out to an industrial area and do a little bit of flying with the Super Cub today!   Had a ball!

Tomorrow, Judy and I head for Ottawa, our Nations Capital City.  Our Son, Shawn, and Wife Jenn, along with Emmie and Paige are moving there this weekend.  Their truck will be ready for off loading on Saturday.  We will drive over tomorrow, as we have probably a 6 hour plus drive to get there from Woodstock. 

Not to sure about internet coverage, so there might be a bit of a gap in the blog for a day or two… we will see!

Till tomorrow…


  1. I'm surprised you found some time to get a bit of flying in as you've been so busy working. Looks like more work to come with Shawn and family arriving Saturday. Have a good trip and don't get hurt moving furniture!