Sunday, May 1, 2011

It’s raining, it’s pouring…

Once again today, the tap was left open on full!

Cool, and wet… but we both slept in till after 9:00 this morning…

Did not do a whole lot today, other than take life easy…

Did break out the planes this morning as I had some repairs to be made…

The black box in the centre, belongs inside the plane… it came out on the last crash…  it is the receiver for the plane, as it receives the signals from the hand held transmitter you use to fly the plane… a few shots of glue and all was good again. These planes are actually very easily fixed, as there is great improvements in the glue you use… you have to be fast and keep your fingers out of the way!


Judy bought a new bird feeder bell as we have a lot of birds around our RV.  Her first customer appears to be of the four legged variety!


Judy says the seeds that he knocked down to the ground will attract the birds… maybe!

Watched Detroit lose another hockey game to the Sharks… this is not what I wanted! 

Till tomorrow…


  1. I just love how inventive and determined those squirrels can be. Cute photo!

  2. What a great squirrel photo! I love that!

  3. Great timing on that squirrel shot. We had a nice weekend here on the west coast, but it was back to rain again this morning!