Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You want to know what???

Back a couple of blogs ago, Rick from  Rick & Paulette's RV Travels  wrote  a piece about the current Census being taken by our Canadian Gov’t.  I just about flipped today when out of the blue, 2 Women from the Government Census Program visited our RV Park.  They were going around making sure people got their census forms!

Rick wrote about completing His census information online, and sort of indicated he probably would not bother filling out the long form census if he had to.  Too much information maybe…   Well, Rick almost fell into the Bloggers Bear Pit, as many comments he received indicated readers were in favour of the census and sharing of information. 

While I was caught totally by surprise that the Gov’t would actually send people out looking for Judy and I in an RV Park, my feelings about census information is mixed… maybe like  Rick’s feelings were.  Some limited information is OK, but does the Gov’t need to know every thing about us? 

I had to place a call to Judy today and tell her to get back home here and fill up the humming bird feeder… She filled it up on Sunday afternoon before she left for Orillia, and check it out know…


Over half of the feeder is gone!   In two days!


Today I was off early to Woodstock to help out Kristina and Chris as they prepare the “New Baby’s Room”.  It has to be painted and have the floors refinished, so lots to be done by mid July!

I took off some old wallpaper today… this stuff should be banned from the building centres… it is great, until it has to come off!  ( Ooopppsss, maybe I will be doomed to the bloggers bear pit…)

Actually, I only had to take this one strip off of the wall, which surrounded the room… took about an hour and a bit.  More on this project to come!


While Kristina and I were out walking today, we came across these tulips… they are all over Woodstock, and have just came to life… spring must of sprung when I was not looking! (Taken with our new LG Smart Phone, from across the road! Not bad ehhh?)


I am off tomorrow on my way up to Bracebridge, to get the word from my Cardiologist, Dr. Williams. 

Tomorrow night we plan on visiting John and Pat in the big Town of Alliston, so probably will not be a blog.

Till tomorrow…(maybe…)


  1. Well, let me just say I agree with the folks about the Census taking not being a big issue. And no, you do not want to get yourself into the Bear Pit here in RV Blog Land. Take it from one who has been in that very pit on more than one occassion, it's not a friendly place to be.

  2. those birds are a bunch of 'piggie wiggies'!!.as for the census..did ours on line!

  3. First, good luck with your visit to the cardiologist tomorrow!

    I don't think you'll get many complaints about not liking wallpaper. I hate the stuff - putting it up or taking it off. People who use it should get a minimum sentence of 2 years in the Bear Pit.

    As for the Census, I knew it! The feds are out and about sneaking around trying to find out what you had for breakfast and what kind of toothpaste you use!

  4. Beautiful pictures of the birds... LOL And they are thirsty little buggers! Have fun with the census ♥
    Travel safe