Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shop till you drop…

Overcast and raining this morning, so that put a stop to waxing on the rig… darn!

Instead, we jumped into the Jeep and picked up Kristina in Woodstock and head to London to see if we could actually shop till we drop.

London is a big City, as we mentioned before in the blog… and there is a ton of shopping!

We started off going to Sears, and Winners…

This is a two level mall is is pretty popular.


This is another popular store for baby stuff, as today was all about “baby”…


Check out the picture below, as we stopped at a Pets R Us Store, and they had some major dog grooming going on… sorry it is a bit blurry…


Kristina was in the mode, as she needed a few items to finish off being “ready” for little one to arrive.  Below they are at a “Baby's R Us” which just opened in London…


By the time the day was done, the three of us were hungry, so we stopped at one of my favourites… East Side Mario’s


When we made it back home, Kristina had to show Chris all of her bargains…


Kristina reports that she is pretty well ready now for Baby to appear… but that is not scheduled until July 16, and we all know how due dates go!

Well, I am whipped, and all I did was follow them around and do a bunch of mall walking!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Are you really ever ready for a new baby??? Looks like you had a great day shopping!!! Cute pictures of the dog grooming... must have been a special for white dogs!!! LOL
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. shop till you drop..spend to the end....hope no credit cards were melted in the process!!

  3. Looks like the Masonville Mall...noticed a number of stores closed since last Christmas when I was there last.
    Looking at wintering near Riverside or Escondido Ca
    any suggestions.Depends on which rink gives me a contract.

  4. That's a lot of shopping. Of course you are had to lug the camera around!!

  5. Shopping ranks really really low on my list of things to do, but for a new baby I'd have to make an exception. Lots of great bargains.

  6. I have a feeling that your in for more baby shopping before the little one arrives in mid-July. What else can a Mom-in-waiting really do at this point?