Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ta Dah… it is finished!!!!

After a couple of weeks of intense work by a bunch of people, Baby Broad-Hollinger, has a nice newly finished bedroom to live in.

Every surface in the room got touched and is now ready to go… long nights of being awake… long days of being awake…and everything that goes in between.

Here is Kristina and Chris in the new room, practicing with Balzak the cat!


The hardwood floors were a lot of work, but turned out real nice!  Today I installed the trim on the floor.


Putting the crib together was a bit of work… Kristina cannot do a whole lot of work, but sure makes a real good supervisor!


I think we were deciding here that we were actually all finished!


Finishing touches on the crib…

crib work

Good to see this job all finished, and it feels nice to have it done before July 15 deadline!  

Made it back to London this afternoon and finally talked some lady into taking blood from my arm! Turned out to be a very nice day, and I enjoyed the 90 klms. round trip on my motorcycle.

Sunday we leave for Americade in Lake George, New York, so time to start getting ready to roll.

Till tomorrow…



  1. good looking floors. Like the sun light too.

    A Arizona Holiday

  2. nice work on the room! the 'baby'!!..meow!

  3. Great job on the baby's room, it looks terrific! I remember putting those cribs together, they can be a real pain.

  4. Yay, congrats on all that hard work paying off!

  5. Wow!! You've done a lot of work to get the room ready. It looks great!!!!!

  6. Hey, I'm owned by the twin to your cat. Her name's Nicky and she doesn't mind being held like that either.